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Frequently Asked Questions


Can anybody start a campaign?

Yes, our award winning platform is open, meaning anyone can start their own campaign. There are no risks and no upfront costs in doing so. Simply build and launch your campaign and watch the profits grow! We will only ship what is sold.

How much does it cost to launch a campaign?

Anybody can launch a campaign, and to do so is absolutely free. Simply “build” the campaign using our easy on-line campaign builder, and watch the orders start to roll in. You will have a chance to preview the campaign before you launch it, and if you want, you can even launch multiple campaigns at the same time.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can raise?

There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money you can potentially raise. The more shirts or garments you sell, the more funds you raise. Its that simple!! You will be provided your own custom URL that you can send to all of your supporters.

Can I ship to my location and hand out the products myself?

Most certainly! If you choose, TeesforthePeople will ship directly to you and you can distribute the goods. Although that may seem like a lot of work on your part, the buyers can save on the cost of shipping.

How do I receive the profits from the campaign?

After the orders are shipped, a cheque will be mailed to the campaign organizer. We can also pay you using PayPal. If you are raising money for a registered non-profit, we can also send the money directly to the organization.

What is the best method to let people know about my campaign? Will Tees for the People help me promote my campaign?

We recommend Facebook, Twitter, email, and adding the custom URL to your own website if you have one. Other more traditional methods include a News Release, or hosting a launch party to kick off your campaign.

Once my campaign has ended how long does it take for the shirts to be delivered?

The merchandise is shipped in approximately 7-10 business days after the campaign has closed. Your supporters will receive notification and a tracking number for their package the day the goods are shipped.

Who pays for the shipping and what are the rates?

The shipping is paid for at point of purchase. Supporters are notified of the amount at the time of checkout. The weight of the package and the buyers address will determine the final shipping cost.

How long after the campaign ends before the products are shipped?

Once the campaign closes the product will be shipped within 7-10 days via Canada Post. All supporters will be provided a tracking number via email.

What is the longest possible timespan for a campaign?

Typically campaigns run for 2-3 weeks. If the campaign is successful, and you would like to re-launch, contact us and we can help you do that.

Is a video required to launch?

You do not need to submit a video. However, campaigns with videos and/or pictures as part of their campaign page have a higher success rate.

Can a campaign raise more than their goal?

Absolutely! A campaign needs to hit the goal to be processed, but once the goal is achieved, the sky’s the limit.

What if I need to cancel or revise a design after I start a campaign?

Once the campaign has started, a campaign organizer will need to contact us for any changes. We can make changes on your behalf, or even cancel the campaign at your request. If the campaign is cancelled, a notification would be sent to anyone who has already purchased.

What factors affect the cost of my garments?

The cost of your garment will vary depending on style or garment (eg. hoodie vs. tee), selected campaign goal (the higher the goal the lower the cost), the number of colours in your design, and whether you print on one or two locations (front and back)..

What if I don’t reach my campaign goal?

If a goal is not reached, the campaign will end unsuccessfully, and supporters will be notified. Credit cards will not be transacted. However, if you contact us before the end of the campaign, it’s possible we can reduce the goal and fulfill the orders we do have, or extend the campaign by a few days..

Can you help me with my design?

We would be more than happy to help. Simply email us with your design or design idea, and let us know how we can help. For a very small fee we can edit and alter your design for you, and make it campaign ready.

Can I send the proceeds of my campaign directly to my charity of choice?

For sure! If the group you are raising money for has registered as a "Verified Non-Profit", TeesforthePeople will send the profits of your campaign directly to them on your behalf.

How do I upload my own art? What if there are multiple colours in my design?

At the top of the page click on “Start a Campaign”, click on “Art/Upload” on the left side of the page, Hit the “Browse” button and navigate to your file. If there are multiple colours in your design, our colour recognition software will detect that, and set your cost price accordingly.

Can we customize our campaign page to make it look like our own website?

Yes, we are able to customize the landing page to make it look and feel like your own. Please contact us, and we can provide you with an estimate. Typically, the development charges are between $300-$500 to customize a page..

What if I wanted to add a garment such as shorts, and you don’t have that in your selection?

If you would like to add another product to your campaign page, please contact us. We will determine if the product you want is available, and what the cost would be.

Can we have shirts shipped as soon as they are ordered?

No, unfortunately, that is not possible. The cost price provided is based on printing all the garments at one time. Our products are screen-printed, which does not allow the opportunity to print small runs without incurring set-up charges each time. This would make the garments very cost prohibitive.

I want to run my campaign for 2 months? Can I do that?

If you would like to run a longer campaign, we can do that. We would need to close the campaign after a month, and re-open again the next day. This would be seamless to your supporters. We would transact the cards after a month, and send those purchasers their goods. We wouldn’t want anyone waiting 2 months for their order. Please confirm if you’d like to run your campaign longer than 4 weeks.

Will I be able to track my sales anywhere?

Yes, you will be able to track sales. On the campaign page that you launch, you will see a progress bar. That progress bar will tell you how many shirts have sold, what the original goal was, and how many days are left in the campaign.

Will supporters be able to find my campaign if they go to www.teesforthepeople.com?

Typically, we are not in the business of marketing campaigns for our clients. Our job is to provide you with an award winning cost effective means to raise money and/or awareness. Although we do have a section on our home page for Featured Campaigns, we strongly suggest that you share your custom URL, rather than directing supporters to our site.

Will all the supporters receive a refund if the goal is not reached?

Credit cards are not transacted until a campaign closes, and the goal has been met. Because of this, refunds would not be necessary if the goal isn’t met. A notification email will be sent to the supporters to let them know that the goal wasn’t met, and their credit card was not transacted.


How do I find out if the t-shirt has been shipped yet? How do I know the status of my order is?

Everyone who supports a campaign by placing an order, would receive an email confirming the timing of when you would receive your order.

Campaigns could be in one of 3 states.

1 - The campaign is Active

2 - The campaign has finished and successfully met it’s goal

3 - The campaign has finished and did not successfully meet it’s goal

For an Active Campaign:

Wondering when you should expect your order?

Your goods will be produced upon the successful completion of the campaign. Once the campaign ends you will be notified by email. Goods will be produced for successful campaigns and will be shipped between 7 to 10 business days after the campaign ends.

For a Successful Campaign:

You will receive an email confirming when the campaign closed and notifying you your goods have been ordered and are soon to be shipped. You will be provided a tracking number as soon as the package has been mailed, and of course, a Thank You for your support.

For an Unsuccessful Campaign:

You will receive an email confirming when the campaign closed and that unfortunately the campaign did not reach its goal. In this case, the goods will not be produced and you will not be charged for your purchase.

Can I cancel or change my order?

To cancel your order:

Due to privacy laws, we are not able to manually change your order colour, style or size, once it has been placed. Please write to “orders@teesforthepeople.com” with your name and original order number, to cancel your original order.  You will receive an email confirming the order cancellation.

If you simply wish to change some of your shipping details like shipping address, we are able to do that without an order cancellation.

If you are unsure, just write to us at "orders@teesforthepeople.com" 


To change your order:

Please write to “orders@teesforthepeople.com” with your name and original order number, to cancel your original order. Then click the campaign link and replace your order with the new order. You will receive an email confirming the order cancellation, and you will receive a confirmation order for your order with the correct size.

What happens if the campaign goal is not reached?

If the goal is not reached, we cancel the pre-authorized purchase and you will receive an email stating this has been done. There will be no garments shipped nor any charges incurred.

What methods of payment do you take for the shirts?

Because your payment is not processed until the end of the campaign, when the target number of garments has successfully been reached, we only accept Mastercard or Visa. The cost of your order is held for us, but not captured so if a campaign does not reach its target, the funds are simply released, there is no need to refund.

How can I get in touch with the organizer of a campaign?

Just write to us at orders@teesforthepeople.com, tell us the name of the campaign and we will relay your wish to get in touch with the campaign organizer. We will give them your contact information and let them know you wish to be contacted.