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Register your Non-Profit

There are many benefits to registering your Non-Profit. Here are a few!

Get paid directly

By registering as a Verified Non-Profit, campaign organizers will have the option to choose your organization as the beneficiary of the proceeds. If they do, their campaign page will receive the Verified Non-Profit stamp, and the money will be sent directly to you when the campaign ends!

Confident supporters

The Verified Non-Profit stamp gives purchasers peace of mind that the charity of choice is benefiting from their contribution. When buyers see the stamp, they know 100% of their support will be received by your organization, and can then confidently help spread the word.

Increased awareness

Register as a non-profit and campaign organizers can decide to support your organization.....all you have to do is register! Our platform will help increase the exposure you currently have, and drive profits right to your door.

Register your Non-Profit

Frequently asked questions about Non-Profits

What does the "Certified Non-Profit" stamp signify when its included on a campaign page?

This stamp lets a buyer know that 100% of the profits raised for that campaign will go directly to a pre-selected non-profit organization. This organization must have previously registered non-profit and have opened an account with TeesforthePeople

If I'm a non-profit, how do i open an account with TeesforthePeople?

You can open an account by clicking "register my non-profit", emailing us at inquiries@teesforthepeople.com, or call us at 1-866-613-0936

What are the benefits of my organization registering as a "Certified Non-Profit"?

Fund raising is a tough business. By registering as a "Certified Non-Profit" with TeesforthePeople you will be able to provide your supporters a no-hassle, no-risk way to raise money, and the profits of the campaign will be forwarded directly to you!

What if I want to start a campaign and raise funds for a non-profit organization that is not included on your list?

Contact us at inquiries@teesforthepeople.com with the name and contact information for the non-profit you wish to support. We will contact them and ask if they want to be registered as a "Certified Non-Profit"

What are the benefits of supporting a "Certified Non-Profit" campaign?

When a buyer purchases product from a "Certified Non-Profit" campaign, TeesforthePeople will forward 100% of the profits from all units sold directly to the non-profit. This will assure the supporters of the campaign that their money is going to the cause they intended to support.


More questions? Get in touch with us.