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Frequently Asked Questions


Can anybody start a campaign?

TeesforthePeople is for anyone who needs to raise funds for a cause, event, project, team or other …..where you need to rally the support of friends, family and community to help raise money for the cause.

How much does it cost to launch a campaign?

Launching a campaign is absolutely free! You simply “build” the campaign using our easy on-line campaign builder, and watch the orders start to roll in.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can raise?

There is absolutely no limits to the amount of money that can be raised. The more shirts you sell, the more you raise. Its that simple!!

Can I ship to my location and hand out the products myself?

If you choose, TeesforthePeople will ship directly to you and you can distribute the goods. Although that may be more work for you, the buyers will save the cost of freight on their orders.

How do I receive the profits from the campaign?

After the orders are shipped, a cheque will be mailed to the campaign organizer. We can also pay you using PayPal. If you are raising money for a registered non-profit, we can also send the money directly to the organization.

What is the best method to let people know about my campaign?

We recommend Facebook, twitter, email & word of mouth. Hosting a launch party or event to kick off your campaign is highly recommended as well.

Once my campaign has ended how long does it take for the shirts to be delivered?

The merchandise is shipped in approximately 7-10 business days after the campaign has closed.

Who pays for the shipping and what are the rates?

The shipping is paid for at point of purchase. You will be notified of the amount upon checkout. The weight of the package and the buyers address will determine the final shipping cost.

How long after the campaign ends before the products are shipped?

Once the campaign closes the product will be shipped within 7-10 days via Canada Post. All supporters will be provided a tracking number via email.

What is the maximum campaign duration?

Typically campaigns run for 2-3 weeks however, if you feel you need a bit more time you are able to tack that on at any time during your campaign.

Is a video required to launch?

You do not need to submit a video. However, campaigns with videos and/or pictures as part of their campaign page have a higher success rate.

Can a campaign raise more than their goal?

Absolutely! A campaign needs to hit the goal to be processed, but once the goal is achieved, the sky’s the limit.

What if I need to cancel or revise a design after I start a campaign?

Once the campaign has started, a campaign organizer is able to change the title and description. If there are other changes required, you must contact TeesforthePeople at inquiries@teesforthepeople.com. We can also cancel the campaign for you as long as there hasn’t been any purchases to date.

What factors affect the cost of my garments?

The cost of your garment will vary depending on style (eg. hoodie vs. tee), colour (eg. navy vs. white), selected campaign goal (the higher the goal the lower the cost), and whether you print on one or two locations (front and back).

What if I don’t reach my campaign goal?

If a goal is not reached, the organizer of the campaign will be contacted. We can either cancel the campaign, and notify the supporters, or reduce the goal and fulfill the orders we do have.

Can you help me with my design?

Absolutely. Simply call us at 1-877-613-0936 or email us at inquiries@teesforthepeople.com and let us know how we can help.

Can I send the proceeds of my campaign directly to my charity of choice?

For sure! If the group you are raising money for has registered as a "Verified Non-Profit", TeesforthePeople will send the profits of your campaign directly to them on your behalf.

How do I upload my own art?

At the top of the page click on “Start a Campaign”, click on “Art/Upload” on the left side of the page, Hit the “Browse” button and navigate to your file.


When will I be charged for my t-shirt?

You will be charged after the campaign date is met, and when the campaign reaches its fundraising goal.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes, you can cancel or change your order at any time before the goal is met or the campaign has ended. Simply go to inquiries@teesforthepeople.com and enter your confirmation number and the campaign name to request changes or to cancel your order.

What happens if the campaign goal is not reached?

If the goal is not reached, we cancel the pre-authorized purchase and you will receive an email stating this has been done. There will be no charges incurred.

What methods of payment do you take for the shirts?

Because your payment is not processed until the end of the campaign, when the target number of garments has successfully been reached, we only accept Mastercard or Visa. The cost of your order is held for us, but not captured so if a campaign does not reach its target, the funds are simply released, there is no need to refund.