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Addy's Books!

Addy's Books!
My name is Addy, and I am a grade ten student from Ontario. I am very involved in the world of social justice, and am especially passionate about the issues of education and literacy. I believe that both of these issues are the root of many of the world's problems.
For the past several months, I have been rallying my friends and family to collect books to send to Africa and help combat illiteracy. By sending books overseas to Africa – the continent most affected by these issues – we can help to provide youth who otherwise wouldn't have been so fortunate with the resources they need to learn to read.
So far, the drive has been overwhelmingly successful! I have quadrupled my original goal by collecting 4,000 books, and am now faced with the challenge of finding enough money to ship them all to Africa (which I must admit is not the worst problem to have!). To date I have collected enough money to ship my original goal of 1,000 books, and now I am selling these t-shirts I designed to help fundraise the rest!

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