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Back Your Brother - Back in Time for Christmas Gifting

Back Your Brother - Back in Time for Christmas Gifting

In September the Ride For Dad ran a very successful "Back Your Brother" shirt campaign in recognition of Men’s Health month, and Prostate Cancer week.   The campaign ran over a limited time period and we were contacted by so many people that missed out we decided to open it up again for a quick blast in time for Christmas.   

The campaign goal remains the same; raise money for the Ride For Dad/Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation’s battle against prostate cancer while declaring that we have your Brother’s back in this struggle.   

The Ride For Dad stages events all year long - Motorcycles, ATV’s, Watercraft and Snowmobiles - raising money and awareness. 

We have been in this battle for almost 15 years, and when we started the question was simple, if we don’t look after our “brothers” who will?    So we commit.  Commit to take up the fight for our fathers, brothers, sons and all who hold them dear.

A recent poll of our participants revealed an incredible statistic  56% were joining in the fight without being personally affected by the disease  Clearly our Riders get it.  In this fight all men are our brothers and we have their back!

The Ride For Dad is re-issuing the limited edition shirts that spells it out plainly “Back Your Brother” and have also added a zippered Hoodie and a ladies white T-shirt.   Show your support for this campaign and buy a shirt.


Proceeds of these shirts go the Ride For Dad fight against Prostate Cancer.     

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