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Be Unforgettable

Be Unforgettable

The loss of a child is a traumatic experience beyond compare. When it follows a life limiting illness, not only are families emotionally traumatized, often they are left in very challenging financial circumstances having put aside their work to spend every possible moment with their child.


The Unforgettables Fund aims to provide some financial peace of mind to families in need following the death of a child. Many of these families struggle with worry about how they will afford to handle funeral costs and the Unforgettables Fund believes the final moments with a child should not be spent in financial worry. 


We also believe that every child is entitled to a dignified funeral, and in empowering our communities to memorialize children who have died.


By taking away a huge financial worry, the Unforgettables Fund aims to help families stay focused on what is important to them: spending time with their child at end-of-life. Since 2007 we have helped numerous families. 


Will you "Be Unforgettable" by helping us help others?

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