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It is every hockey parent’s worst nightmare, your child slides awkwardly into the boards, you watch from the stands and everyone holds their breath, luckily they pop back up. For Brett, it was much more serious. Oct 27th, 2013, Brett Nugent, 19 while playing hockey for the Shawville Pontiacs Jr. B Hockey Club collided awkwardly with an opposing player sending Brett into the boards head first. He was airlifted to the Ottawa Civic Hospital and underwent numerous surgeries and MRIs to determine the trauma that he suffered would leave him with a major spinal cord injury. Brett’s Mom says in the beginning, Brett needed assistance to even breathe, now he spends the day following a rigorous therapy routine. He is feeding himself, using a manual wheelchair, sitting up for short periods and even cooking. He has accomplished a lot and is very determined to work hard and never give up. He still needs the support from everyone. His expected discharge date is April 28th, however his therapy will continue for years to come. How Can You Help? Buy a shirt then share the campaign on social media and TELL everyone to buy a shirt. The costs of rehabilitation and recovery are tremendous, the proceeds will go to the Brett Nugent Fund to help him continue to improve at home. Stay in touch and read more about his courageous journey. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brettnugent15 Twitter: #Brett15 @BrettNugent15 Email: derek@nextgeneration-hky.com

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Brett 's family speaks to CTV about Brett and his journey.