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CAN-A-DAY 150 Beer Tee

CAN-A-DAY 150 Beer Tee

Who doesn’t want an awesome beer t-shirt celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday?

Right now you can own one. This campaign will end soon, don’t wait and help us raise funds for Tysen’s Mission to a Million. http://www.missiontoamillion.ca/

Ottawa Valley Clothing Co. wanted their first t-shirt campaign to be awesome.

While researching, they came across an interesting story about the French settlers receiving a ‘can a day’ of spruce beer after a long day of work. This would become the basis of the concept behind their design.

The design showcases 150 breweries from across Canada that have been brewing for 150 years or more.

In celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, they felt this was the perfect combination to kick start their first t-shirt campaign.


I mean, who doesn’t want a one-of-a-kind, Canadiana beer t-shirt?

They are only available for ordering until June 19th, 2017. Only 48 shirts sold are required to deem the campaign successful, but there is no limit.


They also wanted to help someone attain their goals in the process. The owner of a local, country pub is a huge supporter of Tysen’s Mission to a Million. When discussing what Tysen was all about, they couldn’t help but think that this is something they could get behind. $1 of every shirt sold will be donated to help Tysen’s mission.

Find out all about Tysen’s Mission here and help get behind it. http://www.missiontoamillion.ca/

We hope you like the design, thank you for your support.

Mark Singleton & Rene Wallis

Thanks so much.


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