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Croptopia Fundraiser T's For Kids

Croptopia Fundraiser T's For Kids
Buy a t-shirt and help send a kid to camp this summer.  All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be added to our donation to Camp IAWAH to help give a special experience to a child who would otherwise not be able to attend.  This is our last year at the camp, let's make this the best effort ever.  Croptopia participants have donated in the range of $7500. over the time that we have been holding events at the camp.  Let's ramp that up this year.   Even if you are not attending this year, you can help and everyone needs a t-shirt.   Buy a T-shirt to help the cause.  Wearing your t-shirt at our events in the future will always get you a special gift and think what our group photos will look like.

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Lime Gildan Adult Cotton Crewneck Tee

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