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Cycle In

Cycle In

The Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict's Cycle In Campaign.

We are on a mission to reduce the ecological footprint of downtown operations and getting more people on bikes is a key part of our plan. Improving bicycling connections to and through the downtown core was the number one priority identified by community members during our 2015 community engagement consultation. 

On September 14th, coordinated rides from across Ottawa will ride into City Hall taking note of the current state of infrastructure. The following week will be a collaborative session designing future states of the routes held at City Hall. 

Buying a tee supports our campaign to improve cycling infrastructure in the city. If you want to further support Cycle In, a $30 donation can be added to your order. For your donation you will receive 2 tickets to the OCED's Local Beer Friendly (LBF) Event on October 1st. To donate click on the Donate button to the right of the tee shirt buttons.   

Learn more about the initiative here.

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