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DISAPPEARING FAST: Save the Giant Panda

DISAPPEARING FAST: Save the Giant Panda
"My name is Noah. I want to save the Giant Panda."

With only 1,600 Giant Pandas left in the world, Noah is on a mission to save them. Together with his aunt Jennifer, he's designed this fun "Disappearing Fast" t-shirt to help raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund's Giant Panda Program.

The WWF's work includes:
  • Increasing nature reserves,
  • Creating green corridors to link isolated pandas,
  • Patrolling against poaching and illegal logging,
  • Building local capacities for nature reserve management,
  • Continued research and monitoring.

Noah says he hopes you'll join him in saving the Giant Panda by buying a t-shirt, but "it's your choice!"

The campaign features the following types of tees: youth crew, adult crew, women's crew and youth performance (quick dry for sports).

For more on the WWF's work, visit wwf.ca

Noah says a huge THANK YOU for supporting this important cause.

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DISAPPEARING FAST: Save the Giant Panda
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