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For The Love of Sharks

For The Love of Sharks




Order one of our gorgeous, soft organic tees!  Profits will go towards funding future events highlighting the For the Love of Sharks project.


For the Love of Sharks - Education and Action on Threatened and Endangered Sharks in Atlantic Canada


More shark species are found in Atlantic Canada than many people think - yet they also face a myriad of threats, and many populations are now considered endangered. We are working to increase awareness of the shark biology, habitats, and threats through educational and fun events that celebrate how amazing these ancient creatures are.


Events hosted as part of the For the Love of Sharks project aim to raise the profile of the fate of sharks and are deliberately designed to counter the prevailing view that sharks are deadly predators to be feared, not protected.


So far, the project has successfully engaged volunteers and other stakeholder groups in initiatives centred on awareness and conservation of sharks in Atlantic Canada.



Visit our FB page to find out more about upcoming events.


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For The Love of Sharks Play Video

Conservation biologist Boris Worm delivers his presentation Of Sharks and People at the Natural History Museum in Halifax. He discusses the status of sharks, their decline and the causes.