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Geddy Lee Fan Club

Geddy Lee Fan Club
Geddy Lee Club was established on Facebook in 2007 by C.C. Sheldon.  He started it for fun not knowing what it would become.  By March 2020, the group is well over 30,000 strong with dedicated fans all over the globe.  They are not just Geddy Lee, but RUSH in general along guitarist Alex Lifeson and the departed drummer and lyricist Neil Peart.

Geddy Lee is the bassist, singer, and keyboardist for the band RUSH.  He is widely regarded as the best bassist of all-time.  He has influenced countless people to pick up a bass and play.  No matter your skill level, he has encouraged many to keep going.

A big thank you to YYNOT bassist, mod of the Geddy Lee Fan Club, and friend Tim Starace (Tim Star Ace as I've called him) for getting a friend and bandmate of to create this logo.

The Irish green are for those who are not only Irish, but celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  the lime green is a dedication to the RUSH classic "Limelight" from their 1981 record Moving Pictures.

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