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Got gold? We sure do!! You’ve been a part of history- for the first time ever, both the Canadian Women and Men’s team have won gold! Be a part of history again- show your pride in our athletes while supporting the next generation of curlers. And Canadian curlers have a lot to be proud of. When you purchase this limited edition T-shirt the proceeds from every shirt sold will go directly to the Canadian Curling Association’s new scholarship fund. University and college are expensive enough. Where does the extra money come from for club fees, competition and travel costs? The CCA’s new scholarship fund aims to make sure young curling athletes don’t have to make tough choices between education and curling. But like all crowd-sourcing sites, we have a deadline! We need to sell 600 T-shirts by March 11 to receive the funding. When that goal is met, all orders will be processed and the scholarship fund will receive the much needed proceeds. But if sales fall short, all orders will be cancelled and the CCA won’t be able to hand out any scholarships this coming school year. The more shirts the CCA can sell, the more future medallists you can help. When the CCA sells 600 shirts, six young curlers, and possible future champions, will receive a scholarship to help cover their curling-related costs for a year. So please: buy a shirt and then tell your friends! Tweet it. Post on Facebook. Even TELL people the old fashion way! Besides- we’ve got lots to brag about.

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Black Gildan Adult Cotton Crewneck Tee

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