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This thing called life is beautiful, exciting, wonderful and HARD. As children, we are filled with dreams and goals and we feel like life is limitless. As the years pass, we begin to face challenges and obstacles. Some make us stronger and some knock us down pretty hard. There are no shortcuts to accomplishing our goals and dreams and just when we think that things are smooth sailing, a big wave hits and we’re convinced that there is no way we can recover from it. It’s during these hard times that we need a reminder not to quit so I say this boldly to you today - DON’T YOU DARE QUIT. Don’t quit on working towards your goals and dreams and Don’t You Dare Quit on life.

DYDQ, Don't You Dare Quit, is a bold statement to be sent out to all the world - especially to those who courageously persevere every day in spite of the storms that they face.

For many people life has been tough and they just can’t seem to catch a break. Sometimes there are physical challenges, mental challenges, and financial challenges. Sometimes family members are unwell, or there is stress at home or with a job. Over time, these problems can result in anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, or insomnia. People who experience hardship are also at higher risk for suicidal thoughts. But the truth is that no one is immune to mental health issues. Even if life is ‘smooth
sailing’ so to speak, people can still be diagnosed with anxiety. Or with depression. Or with bi-polar disorder. Or with insomnia. We don’t always know the “why” behind a diagnosis but what we do know is that too many youth are also going through major life changes and without proper support, these life changes can lead to mental illness. Separation, divorce, a parent leaving home, moving, financial changes, and those who are victims of bullying and abuse are at greater risk, but no youth is immune and support is key.

The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) is one of the largest providers of child and youth mental health services in Ontario and it offers many services for care. DYDQ is committed to always donating a portion of our sales to this amazing hospital. We are a business that cares and we are in the business of giving back to our community.

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