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March for Science Montreal / Marche pour la Science de Montréal

The March for Science is a non-partisan, grassroots movement that celebrates the contribution of Science to society and humanity. We
call for public policy to be based on scientific evidence, not on ideologies. March
for Science Montreal is the initiative of researchers, teachers, science communicators and students. March for Science Montreal calls for vigilance to
protect our scientific community from censorship, cuts, government or corporate
interference, and human rights abuses of our members because of their
nationality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or political views.
Moreover, we are stand side-by-side with scientists in the United States who are
currently underfunded, censored and victims of a government with hostile policies.
Science knows no boundaries, and major challenges like climate change require
global collaboration. The cuts in Science in the U.S. have repercussions around the

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March for Science Montreal / Marche pour la Science de Montréal
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Ce reportage de CTV NEWS Montreal prrésente bien les raisons pour lesquelles nous avons marcher pour la science en 2017 et donne une idée de ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre pour 2018. / In this video CTV NEWS Montreal explains why we marched last year. This video gives you an idea of what the event might look like in 2018.