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Everything Will Be Amazing

Everything Will Be Amazing

Midlife women are holding up our world right now.

  • 77% of women have questions about their midlife health
  • 31% don't trust online information
  • 35% don't trust their physician
  • 70% of women don't have anyone to talk to about perimenopause or menopause

It was this last statistic that led to the launch of the Menopause Chicks FREE Private Online Community three years ago. We currently have nearly 10,000 members generating between 13-15,000 questions & comments each month.

We believe:
  • Women's midlife health information ought to be awesome & free
  • NOW is the greatest opportunity we have to create a NEW model for women's midlife health
  • In supporting women who are making limited health decisions due to limited resources

Grab a shirt & join us! If you have benefited from the Menopause Chicks community and from our work, your support of this campaign will help guarantee the future of this incredible free online resource--and ensuring that many more women can have their questions answered and be empowered to navigate perimenopause & menopause with confidence and ease.

Thank you for believing in this mission.
Everything will be amazing,


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