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No One Fights Alone! Help Support Steve Johnston and Raise Awareness for Brain Cancer

No One Fights Alone! Help Support Steve Johnston and Raise Awareness for Brain Cancer
No One Fights Alone!  It's awareness color is not pretty (grey), It is rarely recognized in the media, it doesn't get NFL recognition, Grey products are not pushed on the public 365 days a year, yet this cancer is one of the most horrible cancers and yet it is virtually ignored.   Something must Change! Too Many are being lost! GREY MATTERS!  Help us raise awareness through helping Steve continue to fight his battle! Together we can help Support Steve Johnston in his fight against Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (Brain Cancer). Back in October 2016, the team of Sudbury doctors informed us that there was no longer anything they could do for Steve. This news was devastating but we continued to hope and found a team of doctors in Ottawa that were willing to continue with his treatment.  It became necessary for Steve to travel too and from Ottawa for regular MRI's, appointments and treatment. In addition we are desperately trying to maintain his alternative treatment plan that was set out for him by Dr Bethel back in January 2016 and in our opinion is the reason he is still able to keep up the strong fight. Of course none of which is covered by OHIP as they do not recognize natural or alternative treatments. The expense of travel and purchasing his pills have been adding up, but together we can help him continue his fight. By purchasing one of these garments you not only help off set some of these costs but you are helping spread awareness. Until Steve was diagnosed we had no idea of what Glioblastoma Multiforme was and Brain Cancer in general was not something we heard about. But we have now seen first hand how horrific this cancer is.   If hoping for a cure for Brain Cancer is crazy then I don't want to be sane....please join us in raising awareness and helping Steve keep up his fight! Thank you!

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