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Norway Bay Floating Dock Reconstruction - Ladies & Mens Shirts

Norway Bay Floating Dock Reconstruction - Ladies & Mens Shirts
As you may be aware, the NBMA floating docks located at the pier were sadly deemed unsafe and usable for this summer and future years due to rot. Most of the top boards and supporting pieces had rotted beyond repair. Costs for materials alone were $6000, which far surpasses the NBMA $1000 Dock Repair budget.

Materials to repair the docks were purchase in June, and our wonderful volunteers donated all of the labour to complete the job. The docks are in the water, and as you can see in the photo, look fantastic. Unfortunately, despite a rather hidden location, we incurred a theft of half of the lumber, which set us back financially.

In order to fund these unforseen costs, your NBMA Board of Directors has opted not to increase the membership fees for 2014 but rather, is launching several special fundraising campaigns, including the sale of t-shirts and hoodies. We would very much appreciate it if you would please consider buying your family and friends lovely and stylish NBMA t-shirts, performance shirts or hoodies. Great quality items for children, men and ladies - and an added bonus of being printed and sourced locally!

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