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October is Child Abuse Prevention Month – GO PURPLE DAY Campaign-Peel

October is Child Abuse Prevention Month – GO PURPLE DAY Campaign-Peel

On October 19, 2016 communities across Ontario will be GOING PURPLE to help raise awareness about child abuse and how we all need to work together to help vulnerable children and youth.

Firefighters, police, and local business owners are just some of those who will be raiding their closets to support this initiative. This year teachers and students in schools across the province will also be dressing in purple on October 19 to show their commitment to every child and youth’s right to safety, and the importance of speaking up if somebody you know needs your help.

 One of the easiest ways to GO PURPLE this October 19 is by wearing the Child Abuse Prevention Month provincial t-shirt, for sale on this website.

 When you GO PURPLE on October 19 you are saying:

 -#iBREAKthesilence – Everybody needs to do their part when they see a child or youth who needs protection

 -Kids need to be safe from abuse. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, and it can also be neglect.

 One of the most effective ways of helping to prevent abuse is by calling [Name ] Children’s Aid Society if you have a concern about the safety or well being about a child or youth.

 Last year [Name] worked with more than [XX] families in [Location] Region. We work with families facing challenges such as poverty, unemployment, ill health, domestic violence, mental health issues, or caring for a child who has serious physical, emotional, or developmental issues. Many families just need parenting support.

  Learn more about our GO PURPLE campaign here [link to agency website]

NOTE: If campaign fails to reach minimum target of 48, orders will be fulfilled with OACAS Provincial campaign T shirts.   

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October is Child Abuse Prevention Month – GO PURPLE DAY Campaign-Peel
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Watch this video to learn more about how calling a [Name] with a safety concern can help a child and family.