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OSSC Team Wear - Performance

OSSC Team Wear - Performance

Build your dream team jerseys.

Create your own t-shirts on one of 6 colour tee options.


Two fabrics are available –

Performance Shirts with jersey feel at $18.95 can be ordered below, or;

100% cotton crewneck tees at $14.95 each, can be ordered from this link: http://teesforthepeople.com/products/ossc-team-wear-cotton


Logos will be a 1-colour print, with small OSSC logo at bottom of the shirt in same print colour.


Please have a representative from your team order your shirts online, and send your artwork to kareen@teesforthepeople.com


Minimum order is 12 shirts per team (so that you have extras shirts for subs).


Team jerseys will be delivered to you within 10-14 days of order confirmation.


Order anytime now until September 30, 2015.


The sooner you order your jerseys, the more weeks of the season you'll be able to easily recognize each other on the court/field!

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Carolina Blue ATC Adult Performance Tee

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