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Poverty 2 Power; Tee's to Save a Life!

Poverty 2 Power; Tee's to Save a Life!
Hi! Thanks for looking to support our campaign.
We are four Grade 12 girls taking a World Issues Geography class at our local high school. For a project, we have been encouraged to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals. This set of goals has been set to create a more sustainable and peaceful world by 2030. We have chosen to focus on goal #1; No poverty, anywhere in the world.

In order to help the UN achieve this goal, we are selling T-shirts, and all proceeds will go towards Canadian Feed the Children- an organization that supports African villages in extreme poverty. CFTC focuses on;
-Access to health care
- Healthy foods and nutrition
-Clean drinking water sores
-Schooling for all children boys & girls
-The teaching of leadership skills to help develop sustainable communities

By buying a t-shirt, you are helping a village to help themselves out of poverty!
For more information, email skater.roz@gmail,com
or checkout out twitter page; @poverty_power #npssglobalgoals - See more at: http://teesforthepeople.com/products/poverty2power#sthash.orD6lGlo.dpuf

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