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Save the BEES-FOE Canada

Save the BEES-FOE Canada

Do you want to save the bees but are you a little bit too shy?

Would a conversation starter help?

Start the conversation with a beautiful   – “Save the Bees” Friends of the Earth T-shirt. Wear it every time you shop for plants. Help us keep gardening centres accountable for their pledges to go neonic-free.

 You’ve probably heard about neonics - the pesticide that harms and, in some cases, outright kills bees and other pollinators. Friends of the Earth’s The Bee Cause has been campaigning for garden centres to go neonic-free. We’ve tested plants across North America (link to test result release) and pressured big market players to do the right thing – to require their suppliers to grow neonic-free plants for you. We’ve made big strides with Home Depot, Lowes, Rona and others announcing neonics are on their way out. In Rona’s case they announced that today 95% of plants in their big box stores are neonic-free. But we need your help to make sure neonics go the way of DDT – an out-right ban on use.


You can help by purchasing this T-shirt and wearing it proudly every time you go to a garden centre. And ask, ask ask. Are the plants neonic-free? If the staff says no or doesn’t know, don’t buy. In the mean time order your shirt today.


Thanks for your help to save the bees!


NOTE: all items in the campaign are organic and earth friendly.

The deep scoop women’s T shirt is shown on the model in the campaign picture.  

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Retro Red Gildan Fitted Organic Deep Scoop Tee

This is VERY form fitting - Not recommended for anyone who likes a little wiggle room! Please check sizing chart to avoid disappointment.

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Save the BEES-FOE Canada Save the BEES-FOE Canada