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Southsiders Grey Cup Commemorative shirts

Southsiders Grey Cup Commemorative shirts

For 36 years we waited. We the loyal weather beaten fans of the Southside stands, waited. Enduring more than three decades of brutal sun, drenching rain, snow, sleet, bugs and Pigeon shit. But we wouldn’t say die! They gave us a lot of bad football, bad signings, bad ownership, cold hot dogs and warm beer. But we wouldn’t say die! In 1981, the 69th Grey Cup Football gods broke our hearts on a frozen field in Montreal, then again for a second time they let the Eskimos come back to do it to us again in 2015. But still we wouldn’t say die, because: Southsiders Never Say Die !!

Then finally in 2016, the clouds lifted and Henry and his REDBLACKS brought us to the promised land !

To commemorate that event and honour the best fans in football we are issuing a limited run of Southsiders Grey Cup 2016 Commemorative clothing. The items will have a distinctive logo on the front and Southsiders Established. 1980 on the back .

We will be taking orders for three weeks only and you can expect delivery directly to you in early October. Don’t miss out ! You will want to have this shirt for Grey Cup Week parties for sure !!

As with all our souvenirs the proceeds go to charity, this year it is again the Ride For Dad fight against Prostate Cancer

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