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Southsiders & Northsiders Ottawa Strong

Southsiders & Northsiders Ottawa Strong

We are OTTAWA. 


We are the heart, home and protectors of our great nation’s institutions. 


We accept that responsibility with pride, and we will not waiver. 


An attack upon us is an attack upon Canada and Canada can be reassured we will not shrink from our duties. 


We honour those that protect our city and our nation. 


We vow that we will not be “terrorized”.  


We are Ottawa Strong and we will not forget.


The Southsiders invite football fans of Ottawa, both North and Southside, to join together in support of our city and the brave men and women that defend her.


Proceeds of this show of support will be donated to the “Stand on Guard Fund” to assist the families of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo.


We encourage you to pass this message on to any Ottawa football fans you know.

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