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Spay it Forward. Neuter Now.

At the Ottawa Humane Society
we have big plans—
but we need your help!

The spring and summer population explosion of cats and dogs is stunning. The statistics speak for themselves. Just one pair of unspayed/unneutered cats can theoretically create 420,000 cats in just seven years. For dogs, that number is about 67,000.

That’s why the OHS intends to DOUBLE the number of animals we spay and neuter, from 3,000 a year to 6,000. By bringing our services into specially targeted areas of our community, we will work to address pet overpopulation at its source!

Every year, hundreds of unwanted kittens are born to a harsh life on the streets of Ottawa, without the proper medical care and vaccinations to live long and happy lives ... without the love and warmth of home. The lucky ones are brought to the OHS.

We need to break this cycle of unwanted litters of kittens that go on to have their own unwanted litters of kittens — and we need your help to do it. Our success will mean thousands fewer cats wandering the streets hungry, pregnant and terrified.

The OHS helps 10,000 animals every year and spays and neuters all cats who are adopted but we want to do more — and we can’t do it without your support.

So we’re asking you to ‘Be Humane’. Please purchase our new $20 ‘Be Humane’ T-shirt and wear your support to help us double the number of animals we spay and neuter and help put a stop to the pet overpopulation crisis. It will truly make a difference.

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