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Team Maudie

Team Maudie

Four-year-old Maud Mulcahy van Bommel has been a fighter since the day she was born. She has a life-threatening immune deficiency/disorder called primary haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). Having primary HLH means that Maudie’s white blood cells don’t fight infections properly, and will mistakenly attack her own cells. Instead of spending a few days at home for a cold or sore throat, common infections will send Maudie to the hospital for days or weeks. She has endured several surgeries, many blood transfusions and countless injections. In December 2016, she came frighteningly close to losing her life. She is truly a fierce fighter.


For more information about primary HLH, please visit: https://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/service/h/hlh/about. The embedded video is a great, simplified, kid-friendly explanation of the cause and treatment of primary HLH.


The bit of good news that comes with a diagnosis of primary HLH is that Maudie can be cured with a bone marrow transplant. First, all of her blood and bone marrow cells will be destroyed to permanently eliminate the malfunctioning cells. Then, an infusion of healthy donor bone marrow cells will replace her entire blood system. On May 5, 2017, Maudie and her family will head to SickKids Hospital in Toronto for this procedure.


To help Maudie win this fight, her brother James will donate his bone marrow and her sister Emmy will bring her love and support. Together, Maudie the “Fighter”, James the “Donor” and Emmy the “Superstar” are part of the formidable “Team Hero”! The fearless leaders of Team Hero are Maudie, James and Emmy’s amazing parents, Caitlin Mulcahy and Andrew van Bommel. Caitlin and Andrew have shown remarkable strength and grace in the face of Maudie’s illness.


We are inviting the friends and family of Caitlin, Andrew, Maudie, Emmy and James to support Team Hero by becoming a part of Team Maudie! Please consider buying a Team Maudie t-shirt. You’ll look great AND help build a community of love and support for Maudie and her family. The words on the Team Maudie t-shirt came from James and Emmy. All the profit from the sale of these tees will go to the Mulcahy + van Bommel family to help offset the significant costs of travel to/from and accommodation in Toronto for the duration of Maudie’s stay at SickKids. The t-shirt campaign will end May 16, 2017.  We are thrilled that this campaign has surpassed its initial goal in such a short time!  But don't worry, the campaign will stay open until May 16, 2017.


We are also inviting anyone who buys a Team Maudie t-shirt to email a picture of themselves wearing their tee to: TeamMaudie@gmail.com. You are welcome to include a message for Maudie and her family. All the pictures and messages will be forwarded to Caitlin and Andrew so that they can show Maudie, James and Emmy how many people are rooting for them.


If you’d like to help financially without buying a t-shirt, you could make a contribution to a GoFundMe campaign for Maudie’s family.

The GoFundMe link is https://www.gofundme.com/join-team-maudies-fight.


Emmy and James have written some beautiful words about their brave sister:


Hi I’m Emmeline Mulcahy van Bommel. I am seven years old. I am Maudie’s sister. I love Maudie SO much. She is my hero. Maudie is a brave girl, she has to be in this disease for a very long time, and I’m so happy that soon she’s going to get a medication and her disease is going to be over. I can’t wait until she gets super better!!!  


Hi it’s James Mulcahy van Bommel. I’m Maudie’s brother and I’m ten. I love Maudie so much because she’s been through so much and is still carrying on and braving so many things. Maud is going to get a bone marrow transplant in Toronto this spring to help cure her disease. My sister Emmy and I are helping to save her life in Toronto. I hope you can do the same to help her as we campaign to save Maud’s life.  


Hi, it’s Emmy again. We are selling t-shirts for Maudie because she is the best girl ever!!! I hope my sister sees pictures of you wearing the t-shirts and smiles!!  


Hi, James here. I hope you can support us and buy these t-shirts and spread the word to your friends and family. The words on the t-shirt all came from my sister Emmy and me. You can also send photos, videos, pictures, and messages of support to our friend Krysta and she’ll show them to us. Help spread the word that we are all “Team Maudie”.


It’s Emmy again! I am so happy when she’s going to be done and her disease is going to be over! What I really want, is I want Maudie to be normal. I can’t wait until this happens because I love Maudie the best and and we will be the happiest sisters ever!!! And I’m so happy when she won’t have to get all those pokes and not be late for school!!


It’s James. I’m just looking forward just to seeing her smile again.


Thank you for your support, from the entire “Mulbommel” family!!!!! GO TEAM MAUDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s hard to add anything to James and Emmy’s sentiments. We’d just like to say that our families have been privileged to call the “Mulbommel” family our friends over the past six years. We hope you will join us on Team Maudie!


Thank you,


Jenn Hoshooley, Lynn Phillips, Nancy Rhoden and Krysta Levac (administrator of TeamMaudie@gmail.com)

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