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The Rare Disease Clinical Challenge

The Rare Disease Clinical Challenge

Help us change rare disease clinical care!


Idic15 Canada has created a novel approach to delivering clinical care to families living with Chromosome 15q 11.2-13.1 Duplication Syndrome. Our pilot project has facilitated 5 clinics across Canada and enabled us to encourage national clinical expertise when previously there where no experts to be found.


The next step in our development is to come together as a group to share what we have learned in the past two years, establish best practice guidelines and template the clinic structure so that other rare disease groups can duplicate our success.


Instead of waiting for the system to change, we recognize that our rare disease community has the power within us to create that change for ourselves. We would like to encourage your heart and empower all rare disease groups to access and create best practice clinical care.

All sales proceeds will go directly toward funding a "coming together" of our clinical and research community in a mini-symposium. We want to capture what is working well in our clinical process and enable other rare disease families and groups to do the same. Help us to inspire a shared vision of the future where all rare disease families have clinical care that is co-created to meet our complex needs. With your help, our very attainable goal will be a reality.

For more information about our strategy, please contact us. We would love to hear from you www.idic15canada.ca

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The Rare Disease Clinical Challenge
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