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The #SaveTheBees Army Wants YOU!!

The #SaveTheBees Army Wants YOU!!
Around the world honey bees and other life-sustaining pollinators have been disappearing. Beekeepers in Canada have suffered tremendous losses and many face losing their farms, homes and businesses. Scientists are calling the recent bee carnage a second Silent Spring -- referring to Rachel Carson’s landmark book documenting the near extinction of birds of prey as a result of the pesticide DDT.
Testing has documented the presence of neonicotinoid pesticides in up to 90% of the bee deaths—and honey bees are just the tip of the iceberg. What other insects and birds are ingesting it? Put simply: the extent of the damage caused by neonicotinoid pesticides remains unclear.
Should we be concerned? Yes, and not just for the health of our bee friends! Over 40% of the world’s food production depends on bees and other insects for pollination.
The European Union placed a 2-year moratorium on neonicotinoid pesticides so that proper testing could finally be carried out. Canada should do the same, but instead we have promised to ‘think about it’ for the next four years. This wilful blindness could result in the death of 100 million bees, insects and birds. For the full story visit our site http://www.sierraclub.ca/en/bees-need-us
On April fool’s day we launched a spoof website (www.hazzzmat.com) and to keep the momentum going we now have a Hazzzmat T-shirt! Everyone who’s seen them thinks they are awesome and will be a great conversation starter and way to raise awareness. Of course, it’s made of organic pesticide free cotton! When your friends ask about your shirt, you can let them know our bee friends are in peril and tell them to visit the #SaveTheBees campaign webpage. Be the first person on your block to wear one. All proceeds go to the #SaveTheBees campaign! It’s not only a great way to show solidarity with the bees, it makes a wonderful gift as well! John Bennett, National Program Director Sierra Club Canada Foundation PLEASE NOTE: This is a unisex shirt, verify your size with the chart provided before ordering. Women may want to order one size smaller than usual.
John Bennett, National Program Director Sierra Club Canada Foundation

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The #SaveTheBees Army Wants YOU!!
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WE NEED OUR BEES, take a look at why this is so true.