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Cars should be hot - Dogs should not

The temperature inside a car can soar to an incredible 40 C degrees — it can take just minutes for a dog left in a hot car to suffer from dehydration and life-threatening brain damage. Just minutes. Shortly after that, they will become listless, unresponsive…and can die.

We need your help to raise awareness about the problem of dogs left in hot cars.

By purchasing one of our Don’t Leave Dogs in Hot Cars T-shirts and proudly wearing it (see purchase link below), you can help spread the word about the danger of leaving pets in hot cars — while the proceeds of your purchase will go directly to helping the 10,000 animals that will come into the care of the Ottawa Humane Society this year.

You can make a difference right now — by joining us in this campaign. Your purchase of our $20 T-shirt: Cars should be HOT, Dogs should NOT will help raise awareness and ultimately save an animal's life.

We can’t do any of this without you.

We are always grateful for our community’s support and the difference you make.


Bruce Roney

Executive Director

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