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Van De Wiel's Summit Kilimanjaro in Aid of Tim Horton Children's Foundation

Van De Wiel's Summit Kilimanjaro in Aid of Tim Horton Children's Foundation
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The Van De Wiel's are setting their goals high and taking part in an exciting challenge supporting the Tim Horton Children's Foundation. We are a launching a second t-shirt campaign as we had so much interest after receiving our last shipment. 

Sydney, Taylor, Michael and I truly believe in giving back and this opportunity enables us to complete a pretty big life changing event together while raising money for a charity we are passionate about. We would like to invite you to purchase a shirt in support of the Foundation and to help us promote our climb. Our climb will take place February 18, 2017 and we hope with your generous support we will far exceed our fundraising goal.  

Buying a T-shirt will get us closer to making kids dreams come true. Hakuna matata is a phrase made famous in the Lion King. Swahili for "No Worries" we feel it is symbolic for our trip and for the kids that attend camp. Camp is truly a time of no worries, a time when kids get to be kids without the stresses of everyday life.

Together, we will help provide an experience of a lifetime to over 19,000 children and youth from low-income families this year. Children who attend Foundation camps come from families that are struggling to meet
basic needs. Due to their family's financial situation, they are not able to participate in extra-curricular activities, and often have very few positive role models in their lives. While at camp, children are exposed to new activities, and have the opportunity to set and reach personal goals while receiving constant encouragement from their counsellors and peers. The camp environment enables campers to gain a sense of pride in their
accomplishments and build hope for their future.

To follow our progress please feel free to join my Facebook Page VanDeWiel Family Fundraiser building schools and promoting awareness or visit my blog at www.livingWetoday.com

Thank you for your support - together, we truly can make a difference!

(PS- Combine your orders to save loads on shipping.)

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Van De Wiel's Summit Kilimanjaro in Aid of Tim Horton Children's Foundation Play Video

Please view Aziza's story and see the impact the Tim Horton Children's Foundation has on the kids it serves.