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Left Behind

Almost 100 years since the battle of Vimy Ridge was won by Canadian Soldiers of the Great War, a search is underway to locate the remains of 44 Canadian heroes, including one Victoria Cross recipient, who were accidentally left behind in a mass grave.

The time is now for a grateful nation to finally lay them to rest.

How did this happen?

Due to an “administrative” error, it is believed that they were not moved from a temporary battlefield mass grave, a mine crater, to a military cemetery after the war. Ottawa historian Norm Christie made the discovery during his work as a researcher.

The 44 soldiers were part of the 16th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Canadian Division. They died on April 9, 1917 during the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a pivotal day in young nation’s history.

By buying a special edition, “Left Behind” T-shirt or sweatshirt you are helping to raise the funds for special ground penetrating radar to confirm if a French farm is the present resting place of these 44 Canadian soldiers.

Our goal is to confirm their location, based on historical burial records and, if found, to identify and finally lay to them to rest.

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Norm Christie, Military Historian, tells the story of Canadian Soldiers who were left behind, and what is required to bring them back to Canada.