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I am Hermmela, a 15 year old kid trying to make a difference. I was born in Ethiopia and now live in Canada. Moving from a third world country to a first world country made me realize that poverty is hard to see when it's all you are surrounded by, but the flip side is also true; when you aren't surrounded by poverty its easy to forget it exists.
  This is where these shirts come in. I have made the decision to go to Kenya (in the Massai Mara) on a volunteer trip with Free the Children's Me to We initiative. During my time there I will help on developmental projects and also learn how to use my skills and talents to make a difference, and become a better global citizen. I am going so that I can see first hand and be reminded of the poverty that plagues a majority of the world.

"asante sana" means thank you in Swahili, as in thank you for helping me. There is so much work to do! The purchase of a shirt will help me fund this trip. Any and all support you give me will be greatly appreciated.

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