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Women of X-cellence

Women of X-cellence

Women of X-cellence:
Making StFX 'Herstory' for 50 Years

Women’s athletics at StFX started almost 50 years ago. To celebrate the approaching anniversary, we’ve issued a special, limited edition commemorative T-shirt to support our female athletes.

We are asking you to wear your support!

All proceeds from the commemorative T-shirt will be going directly to our women’s varsity teams.

Building on the accomplishments of those who came before them, today’s X-traordinary ‘Women of X-cellence’ support our leaders of tomorrow -- making StFX ‘herstory’ and leaving an inspiring legacy for others to follow.

In providing that kind of leadership, StFX will be able to recruit top athletes from across Canada. You are also helping us to send a strong message about the importance of moving toward equality in sports in Canada. Let’s level the playing field.

Please wear your support by investing in our future and joining our X-cellent team. Our female athletes, past and present, are passionate and proud. Please be on their team!

Let’s make our anniversary a true celebration of ‘Herstory’! Buy your commemorative T-shirt today.

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Women of X-cellence